CHING-MEI plastic wood We are one of the contemporary green team who love the earth, thanks to we know that the ground and forests bring us wealth and love so that we cannot agree if the world death by self-absorbed for benefits when we forget someone who gives us rich and lovely life. We hope one day the plastic wood can instead of deforestation in the future. It will be stopped to kill the nature. As the same time, we have developed a great hybrid material for plastic wood around the world ,which gives us different life and sense.
  • Physical Properties
    High-strength, High-hardness, Non-skid, Wear-resistant, non-borer, antistatic, ultraviolet, insulation, fire-resistant, that can get temperature-resistant between 75℃ to -40℃.
  • Appearance sense
    Including original sense that is better than wooden and production of various colors for your choices and need not do secondary paint.
  • Environmental Properties
    Non-toxic, non-chemical, non-preservative, non-formaldehyde, and any possible for harmful substance that can be recycling and decomposing for reprocessing.
  • Processing Properties
    Can be processed like wood such as saw, plane, glue, nail and screw, it is very easy to be installed for all standards.